Welcome letter

Centros Ecoclub was created 22 years ago.

Since its creations in 1995, Centros Ecoclub has been dedicated to the passion and commitment in the creativity, quality and safety of it´s of educational programs. Our very popular Green Classes take place as school trips proposed to children and young people.

Centros Ecoclub, a pioneer in Mexico for its "savoir-faire", sets out in each and every one of its Green Classes to build a pedagogical, playful and sporting framework. This allows it to contribute and actively participate in the education of campers, in perfect complementations with school life.

Our educational, pedagogical and recreational endeavor favors the transmission of values, such as tolerance, dignity, solidarity, responsibility and respect for oneself and for others.

Our trips are established and analyzed with great precision, always attentive to the psysical, moral and emotional security of the children and young people entrusted to us.

We are infinitely grateful for your trust. We have seen so many children and young people who, over the course of 22 years, have themselves become the parents of children who are the ones who now laugh, play and learn in Ecoclub´s Green Classes.

We thank the numerous School Institutions that, over the years, have placed their trust in us and with whom we share a great part of our history.

For all the above, Centros Ecoclub has been recognized in the world of education for the quality it offers. Our project is committed to offering a socio-educational proposal that we wish to continue sharing with all of you.

Welcome to Centros Ecoclub.

Amalia Escande