CENTROS ECOCLUB is an educational organization that created a system of environmental and cultural education centers whose purpose is to carry out interdisciplinary educational programs to train children and young people:

  • Capable of achieving a harmonious relationship between human development and nature, allowing the conservation of ecosystems through sustainable and self-sustaining modes of production.
  • Able to get more involved with their identity and their history and to become aware of the need to rescue, protect and disseminate their cultural heritage.

CENTROS ECOCLUB works to discover, preserve, transmit and transform values and knowledge that will help lead us into a new world in the third millennium. Our aim is to understand, care for, protect and create a world of equality.


CENTROS ECOCLUB is visualized as:

  • A group of vanguard specialists in our country for the originality of its proposals, Centros Ecoclub allows for children and teenagers to approach themes in a fun and natural way, such as learning about natural heritage, biodiversity and historical heritage.
  • A group leader in our country for the quality of its programs and services.
  • An interdisciplinary group, made up of highly trained professionals that guarantee experience, youth and ample resources, aim to carry out our mission to the highest degree of excellence, while ensuring that our objectives remain a part of every child and adolescent living the ECOCLUB experience.


EFFICIENCY: to give quick and relevant answers to any situation foreseen and unforeseen in the development of every trip.

RESPONSIBILITY: so as to never forget that we guarantee the physical and emotional well-being of every child and young person entrusted to us, including teachers and the Ecoclub team.

It is our RESPONSIBILITY to transmit to children, adolescents and millennials the importance of taking care of the planet, its historical heritage and its biological heritage, themes of which are present in all of CENTROS ECOCLUB´s destinations. During Green Class programs they will have the opportunity to reflect on ways to help create a better future for themselves amidst the multitude of professions that currently exist, and of which many are aimed at producing self-sustaining environments.

DYNAMISM: to instill within the group the desire to participate in various works, research, sports activities, artistic creations, etc...

CORDIALITY: to quickly create unforgettable environments of friendship, joy and learning, all of which that make children, young people and teachers want to visit us again, and so that the Ecoclub team is able to enjoy its work completely.