At Centros Ecoclub, we understand that the client is our most important focus, so we always apply guidelines, policies and procedures to protect sensitive information.

Through the Privacy Program of Clients of Centros Ecoclub, your privacy is in good hands.
As a client of Centros Ecoclub, you have the opportunity to choose the services we offer you, knowing that all your personal data will be protected by means of the maintenance of physical, electronic and procedural protections.

On July 5 in 2010, the Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Individuals was published in the Daily Gazette and subsequently its Regulation (hereinafter the "Law") whose content regulates our objective of protecting personal data.

Access the Law through the Federal Government websites: y

In virtue of the foregoing, and in order to comply with the Law and our Privacy Program, the personal data we obtain through a contract, agreement or provision of services that you request or celebrate with Amalia Luisa Toto Gutiérrez and / or Centros Ecoclub will be treated in a confidential manner.

The person in charge is Centros Ecoclub and/or Amalia Luisa Toto Gutiérrez and/or authorized personnel of Centros Ecoclub.
The person in charge of personal data observes at all times the principles of legality, consent, information, quality, purpose, loyalty, proportionality and responsibility established in the Law.

ADDRESS OF Centros Ecoclub
For the purposes of this privacy notice, our address is: Calle Millet 87 Colonia Extremadura Insurgentes Delegación Benito Juárez C.P. 03740 CDMX.

Amalia Luisa Toto Gutiérrez and/or Centros Ecoclub will collect the personal data necessary for the formalization of the type of service that you request, but not limited to, first name, last name, home address, telephone, email, age, date, place of birth, gender, background school trips, hobbies and sports, data from some contacts for the case of emergency and name and telephone number of the family doctor, pediatrician or specialist of the participant. Likewise, names, email and telephone numbers of the parents or guardians of the participant will be collected.
As well as any other general information about the situation in relation to the state of health, blood type, diseases, allergies, congenital diseases, dietary restrictions, clinical history, psychological and/or psychiatric disorders, current or past medical treatments and disabilities of the participant.
Finally, the handwritten signature and rubrics of the participant, as well as those of the parents or guardians, will be collected.
In case of taking photographs and/or videos for promotional purposes, they will be allowed only with the written authorization of the parents. In some cases, photographs and/or videos of the participant may be requested for awareness activities of the program, requested by the school.

The personal data that Centros Ecoclub collects will be used for the following purposes: provide educational, cultural or recreational services, to contact parents or guardians, to inform the disciplinary and health situation of the participants, to inform about activities of the trip, to integrate the administrative proceedings of the trip, for the filling of formats in the case of trips abroad, to comply with the requirements of the federal and local governmental authorities, to evaluate the quality of the services provided and to carry out statistical studies on these, to carry out Ecoclub publications of the trips it offers, to edit historical documents, to contract with land, maritime or air transport services, to contract the services of accident and civil liability insurances in the country and of accident and illness insurances abroad, for hospitals or doctors when emergency issues cannot be solved by Ecoclub paramedics, for the registration of rooms in hotels, hostels or camps, for didactic and marketing and/or advertising purposes.
At any time, you may request the removal of your information in our database by sending an email to

Amalia Luisa Toto Gutiérrez and/or Centros Ecoclub may transfer your personal data to Mexican or foreign third parties that provide services necessary for its proper operation, such as the company or companies that insure participants, the company or companies that provide land, sea or air transportation services, hotels, hostels or camps that provide lodging services, government authorities, museums, archaeological sites or related sites, and hospitals or emergency medical centers.

In all these cases, we promise that all necessary measures will be adopted so that third parties who have access to your personal data comply with the privacy policy of personal data established in the Law.


You or your duly accredited legal representative may limit the use or disclosure of your personal data. Likewise, you may exercise, when applicable, the rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition that the law provides by using the corresponding formats that we make available to you through our website at, you must complete and present your request at the aforementioned address.

A response to your request will be given no later than twenty business days after receiving your request and will be sent in writing to the email and/or postal address provided.
We also inform you that you have the right to initiate your Data Protection Procedure before the Federal Institute for Access to Information and Data Protection ( within fifteen days after receiving the response or twenty days from the date of receipt of your request.


Any modification to this Privacy Notice will be notified to you through any of the following means: a written communication delivered personally, a message sent to your email address or postal address, a message posted on the Centros Ecoclub website at or through publications posted on the Ecoclub website.