Centros Ecoclub

Centros Ecoclub has a pedagogical, operational, commercial and administrative team that is aware of your needs, thus ensuring the necessary development of a trip before, during and after its commencement.

Centros Ecoclub

Centros Ecoclub works with touring buses from reputable companies, always searching for the safest, most efficient and comfortable way to travel.

Centros Ecoclub

Centros Ecoclub carefully selects its accommodation centers, with excellent security and comfort being a top priority and that guarantee a terrific stay while maintaining the concept of school trips.



At Centros Ecoclub we are aware of the responsibility and commitment that are required when undertaking a pedagogical camp, day trip or international trip. That is why we have prepared ourselves with a highly qualified team to maintain the highest standards in terms of safety and health.

Based on joint work with the institution and the analysis of the academic, sporting and recreational requirements of a trip, we evaluate and consider the needs in terms of safety and health. As a result, we are able to accommodate the needs of the individual and the group, taking care of their physical, psychological and emotional well-being during the development of all activities.

At Centros Ecoclub we have specialized personnel for medical emergencies, certified by reputable and official institutions in pre-hospital medical care. Likewise, our personnel have the necessary preparation to provide first aid and to respond to an emergency situation by activating emergency medical services, giving quick and effective attention to students, teachers and the Ecoclub staff.


School trips bring satisfaction to our children, but for us parents they can also bring concerns.

Centros Ecoclub is an educational company with 20 years of experience in the field. Our educational proposal, together with our commitment to the safety and health of our children, has allowed us to position ourselves as leaders in the country in the area of pedagogical camps.

We parents are responsible for giving our children the best education that we can, and Centros Ecoclub is pleased to support parents in this endeavor. Thanks to our green class program, students will gain a much broader vision of our planet, and students will receive the necessary tools to help them create a clearer mission for the conservation of it.

Centros Ecoclub guarantees having the necessary means to handle any contingency or medical emergency that could potentially risk the safety or health of a child. Through rapid response by highly trained personnel, established protocols are executed and supported by health and safety organizations, which have been designed to guarantee the physical, psychological and emotional well-being of a child. These processes have been improved upon over the years by our specialists in security matters, as well as by the recommendations made by the different educational institutions that visit us, as well as by parents.

At Centros Ecoclub we know that the most important thing for you is the safety and health of your child. It is for us too.