The concept of a "GREEN CLASS" was born in France at the end of the 1940s. It was thought of, since its beginnings, as a fundamental complement to formal national education. As the name implies, a green class is synonymous with "outdoor teaching-learning".

CENTRO ECOCLUB is proud to be the organization of educational trips that brings the French concept of a green class to Mexico, adapting it, developing it and always updating it. For 14 years now, our work has been to be a serious and significant complement to the academic goals of children and teenagers. Our commitment is to provide educational institutions with greater cognitive tools for their students and real solutions to support the achievement of the academic objectives that their educational system requires.

They will never experience a green class as something they typically see in the classroom.

What better opportunity for a student than to experience "hands-on learning"? Relive history at the very site where a historical event took place hundreds or thousands of years ago. Interact with artists and artisans and discover an aesthetic universe that contains thousand-year-old traditions and amazing creations. Explore an ecosystem and analyze life itself, the past, present and future of our planet, and reflect on the challenges for a greater and better coexistence between man and nature. Rescuing our cultural diversity by questioning it and sharing different ways of life with the different indigenous communities or social groups.

The " ECOCLUB GREEN CLASS" represents the professionalization of a school trip. It is an educational field trip through which the student manages to synthesize in a single experience the importance of the topics he explores, analyzes or discovers. The student experiences knowledge outside the classroom. A green class is complemented with integration and sport activities that are necessary for the integral development of participants, and this will help them to build a stronger foundation in their lives.

Our proposals are very well received in the educational field because they contribute to the professional and human development of students, and it is these students who will create a self-sustainable world for future generations and in which peace will be a backbone of society.

The possibilities for growth that the experience of an ECOCLUB GREEN CLASS brings are immeasurable, and this bestows confidence in schools of both national and international recognition. In turn, students are encouraged to learn to debate and defend their points of view. As a result, this will help students to choose their career paths and to help create a better world.

All these experiences will help them to promote a culture of peace, equity and the value of non-violence.
And all these proposals count as Social Service.