We live in a world where violence happens daily in many forms. Conflicts between nations seem permanent and dialogue becomes increasingly difficult. We seek to satisfy our own needs without getting closer to knowing the other's. We do not accept difference and we prefer to deny it. Violence is empowered and becomes the normal and immediate response to what we question, to what is different, to what threatens our interests.

Violence is not only found in relationships between nations, but also in our daily lives as citizens. We are witnesses of violent acts in our homes, in our school, in our work, in our city and in our country.

Children and young people are the most vulnerable sector because they are educated within this discouraging scenario. Development of self-esteem is hindered, as well assertive communication and peaceful resolution of conflicts.

Not without reason, conflict and violence are fundamental and urgent issues on the agendas of organizations that seek respect, tolerance and constructive dialogue between people and countries.

Strongly committed to educating children and young people in Mexico, CENTRO ECOCLUB seeks to contribute to making a significant change in the attitudes and behaviors that have allowed violence to strengthen.

With our green class of BUILDING OF PEACE and our strong partnership with the international organization NON-VIOLENCE PROJECT, we seek to create awareness, inspire, motivate and involve children and young people to understand conflicts and how to transform them without threat or recourse. We deeply believe that education can achieve this goal.

Through playful, interactive, reflective and creative activities, children and young people can assimilate the urgency of peace by starting to use the resources of NO-VIOLENCE, opting for the common good and for a full life.