“I want to congratulate all the Ecoclub team for their preparation,dedication and serenity, and for their special treatment and attention towards children.” (Liceo Franco-Mexicano)

“Congratulations to Ecoclub for the professional staff they have.” (Columbia School)

“ From a teacher and mother, Centros Ecoclub and the team that accompanied us are trustworthy.” (Edron School)

“The camp has been a wonderful experience for our students thanks to the dedication and professionalism of the entire Ecoclub team.” (Americano School)

“It is a luxury to have and to be with the pedagogical directors of Ecoclub.” (School Institute)

“ It was an excellent camp because it was adjusted to the needs of the Institute. Thank you.” (I.T.E.S.M. México City)

“Ecoclub, thank you for this wonderful experience.” (Bachelor Alexander Bain)

"Congratulations to all the members of Ecoclub.” (College Mexico City)

“Excellent work, Ecoclub.” (Alexander Bain Institute)

“We are very pleased with the quality of attention and, above all, with the attitude of the staff that reflects the same philosophy.” (Morelia Educational Center)

“A congratulations to the paramedics who, with a lot of professionalism, cater to all the camp-goers, it was an excellent camp.” (College Campestre Contadero)

“Congratulations and many thanks to Ecoclub. One more camp with you where everything went very well.” (The Churchill School)

“I want to congratulate the staff on caring for the children and for the capacity they have to handle any contingency.” (Peterson School Cuajimalpa)

“Excellent attitude and disposition; very good communication and coordination with the whole team.” (College Tomas Moro)

“A great experience!” (Sierra Nevada School)