CENTROS ECOCLUB, an organization created in 1995, and since then, known for its seriousness and professionalism, specializes in the organization of trips for children and adolescents.

CENTROS ECOCLUB is a Mexican company that develops and professionalizes academic and field research trips in our country, of an interdisciplinary nature, aimed at School Institutions with the objective that children and adolescents understand that cultural and biological heritage is an important part of their lives. Values, culture of peace, social service and equality are important themes in our work.

With the guidance of our experts, we complement and enrich the knowledge that students acquire in school classrooms.

CENTROS ECOCLUB designs, organizes and operates all the trips it proposes, which implies a high degree of knowledge, responsibility and commitment to the children and young people who visit us, and to the parents and the schools that place their trust in us.

CENTROS ECOCLUB exercises complete control in the quality of its proposals, its services and its work team. This is all carefully selected with creativity and operational efficiency in mind. Nowadays, with more than 60 travel options, CENTROS ECOCLUB has been able to forge itself with the excellence of its work, an image of security, professionalism and "savoir-faire".

It is a pleasure to invite you to discover who we are and to live the Ecoclub experience.